Milos Island, Adventure Awaits! Greece 2016

Descending from the cliffs to the beach, holding onto ropes, aided by timber ladders…. reading the warning signs…trying to keep your legs from shaking, what a feeling! MILOS, the island of adventure!


From France to Spain

To say I have been through a hell of a time the last few months is an understatement. So an extended holiday was exactly what the doctor ordered.! 18 days of bliss, but how could we afford it! We set about planning our summer 2015 trip wondering how we could reduce costs while still enjoying […]

The desire to desperately call somewhere home…..

Unlike my other posts, this one is a bit deeper! Maybe I’m wasting my young years Now that I am the ripe ‘old’ age of 25, I’m starting to see a trend in my friends. That kinda awkward time when half of them are still loosing their phones and handbags on a night out and […]

My Love Affair with the Greek Islands

Apparently, ever since my eldest sister could talk she spoke about France. The sunflower fields, the culture, the people. It was no surprise when she eventually moved there. For me, its always been about Greece. I never vocalised it like she did but for some reason Greece has always been in my thoughts. When I […]