Milos Island, Adventure Awaits! Greece 2016

Descending from the cliffs to the beach, holding onto ropes, aided by timber ladders…. reading the warning signs…trying to keep your legs from shaking, what a feeling! MILOS, the island of adventure!


Bareminerals, bare minimum ingredients! Liquid Foundation Review

You guys always ask me what foundation I use and now you know the secret to flawless looking make-up x

Natural Skin care Routine

As you know, I’m all about being as close to nature as possible and so this is my top priority when looking after my skin!

Here is a step by step guide to my skin care routine xxx

It’s all unicorns and rainbows xx LIME CRIME COSMETICS

My latest Lime crime haul ! Velvetine Utopia xx & Blue Milk eye-liner Here’s how I wore it xx I had never used a bold coloured eye-liner like this before or worn such a girly pink like Utopia on my lips until now. And, I gotta say, I love them both. I can’t imagine summer time make-up […]

Naturally promote Hair Growth!

I’ve been doing some research on essential oils that promote hair growth and improve hair texture. I have taken two classes with Wapo organics specialists in Organic beauty ( and have gained a passion for making my own natural skin care products. Now, I want to improve my hair. I can remember my school days, sitting there, […]

Mc Goo’s Winter wish list!

Seeing as it’s 30days until Christmas I reckon it is a good time to start acknowledging it. Apparently Ireland is set to get some harsh, cold weather this winter and what better way to warm up with a hat a neck scarf from Zaini a company launched by a Scottish ski instructor. Here are my […]

I have a passion for individuality in a world dominated by tradition!

As I have gained a lot of new followers recently I said I would give you all a bit of a bio on me, the one and only Brenners Mc Goo. Where did the name come from?? Well, when I was in college, my house mates started calling me Brenners, then I had a friend who called […]