Milos Island, Adventure Awaits! Greece 2016


I sat at my desk in work struggling to concentrate, my mind drifted to Greece.

As i re-read my blog-post from 2013/14, my heart longed for Greece and it’s turquoise waters.

Yes indeed, Greece and it’s many Islands have really become my  number one obsession.
When i think of Greece i get butterflies in my tummy, yeah, I just admitted that!               I’m a weirdo, I know. (hehe)

So when i got home that evening, I began to stalk some holiday destinations for summer 2016.

MILOS a volcanic Greek Island in the Aegean sea, just north of the sea of Crete. Milos is the south westernmost island of the Cyclades.

After looking at some pictures and reading all about it, I made my decision.It had to be Milos

This time round, we booked all the flights and accommodation ourselves. We flew from Dublin to Athens and then got a short flight from Athens to Milos. When we arrived, we got a taxi from the tiny airport to Adamas port (the life and soul of Milos).

 Looking out the window of the bust up,somewhat retro taxi, I knew the Island was going to be special. My boyfriend however, was sceptical. This quickly changed.

It was a bit early to check into our accommodation so we picked up or rental jeep (a 4×4 as a lot of the Island has no road networks, only dirt tracks) and sat in Adamas port watching the boats come in. Even though it was busy, there was a sense of calm. No one was rushing. It was bliss xx

I was certain that the next 10 days were going to be full of adventure.

Milos has many small fishing villages right on the water, some of which are only accessible by foot.

(Fourkovouni Village)

This was by far my favourite… turquoise waters…. perfect for swimming 😍with the wonderful view of these colourful houses dotted along the shore .

We visited a few of these villages and feel in love with all of them 💜

(Mandrakis Village)

(Klima Village)

From lunching on the shore to diving right into the water, the little villages alone were dreamy, but we reluctantly moved along knowing all that Milos had to offer.

Sea cave swimming in Papafragus

Sea kayaking day trips, deserted beaches with watermelon loving donkeys……………….. ask me about that one… go on!

Cliff diving, even if you picked the lowest one, it still counts!


The famous Sarakiniko beach, often described as Lunar, is situated on the north shore of the Island

It is probably the closest thing you’ll get to walking on the moon. Who know Volcanic rock could be so magical.

Descending from the cliffs to the beach, holding onto ropes, aided by timber ladders…. reading the below warning signs…trying to keep your legs from shaking 😂 what a feeling! TSIGRADO BEACH


From adventure to comfort, every beach had something different and unique to offer.

It was heavenly. There were no clubs or no strip like you would have in Zante or Rhodes.

In the evenings we would go for dinner and watch the sun set sitting outside one of the restaurants in Adamas Port. We never woke up hungover which was really nice for a change. (We must be getting old)


Could it get any better?

How about a ghostly abandoned sulpher mine on the beach?

We rented a quad and drove down a long dirt track to the famous abandoned sulpher mine.

Paliorema Beach



This Island’s Capitol, Plaka offers narrow streets with buzzing restaurants and magnificent sea views.

There are loads of little jewelry and clothes shops and a really nice vibe there, even if we got a parking fine…. In fairness, we did park on a faint yellow line outside the police station. (haha) There is no access by car so it’s best to park in an actual car park and walk up.


Milos,  the adventures paradise! 10 days of bliss…. next stop…. Santorini….

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From France to Spain


To say I have been through a hell of a time the last few months is an understatement.

So an extended holiday was exactly what the doctor ordered.!

18 days of bliss, but how could we afford it!

We set about planning our summer 2015 trip wondering how we could reduce costs while still enjoying ourselves to the max and so we made our plan.

We flew into Carcassonne, a beautiful medieval town in the south of France on the 10th of September and stayed in the fabulous Maison Fortunat


Of course it helps that my sister owns this wonderful property, check it out!

IMG_20150913_190327 IMG_20150913_181256

Fully equipped with everything you need to have an amazing holiday including a pool, obviously!

A short walk from the medieval cite where you are transported to another world almost immediately, every narrow little street leads you to another gem. Torture museums, haunted houses, knights jousting on horseback, shops, freshly made crepes and juices, restaurants…. WINE!!  (As i said, everything you need)

IMG_20150912_234257 IMG_20150912_234103 IMG_20150912_234103


When you eventually want to face reality again you can walk another 10 minutes to the ‘new town’ where you will be greeted with magnificent fountains, carousels and the ultimate holiday necessity, the square in the centre Ville, where you can sit for hours sipping on a local wine and get lost people watching. (My favourite haunt is Chez Felix)

If you fancy a spot of shopping, there is literally a long street running from one side of the town to the other with everything a girl could want. Sephora,  Pimkie, parfois and many more.

Spend your evenings in The Celt Irish bar, not your usual Irish bar abroad. This one is actually owned and run by genuine Irish people and doesn’t have the usual cringy Irish bar abroad vibe. Its classy interior and even classier range of high end whiskeys sets it aside from the others. The Celt hosts open mic nights which attract French, English and Irish patrons. A diverse culture which makes for a great night.

Find them here; 


From Carcassonne you have access to Carcassonne plage, a man made lake with water activities, if you want to venture a little further, Toulouse is only an hour away, the same with Montpelier and Narbonne, both sea side towns.


Carcassonne should defiantly be on your places to visit list.


So, I guess this is when our adventure really started.

We caught the 9pm train to Barcelona (extremely hung-over), but the train was super comfortable.

 Barcelona was just a place to pick up our rental car for the next part of our adventure. We figured we could fly directly into Barcelona any time but other places are not as accessible, plus you need time to wander in Barcelona and we didn’t have enough of that hehehehe

So, we collected our car and shat ourselves a little bit at the task ahead of navigating Spanish roads. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t that bad. We then headed North, yes, back the way we came, past Girona, to the lovely medieval town, Pals.

IMG_20150914_203342  IMG_20150915_171116


We stopped along the way in Decathlon to buy ourselves a tent, some foam rollers and microfibre towels.

Camping was the cheapest way and Spanish camp-sites have excellent facilities.

This is where we found paradise, Cala D’aigua Xelida


IMG_20150915_172231 IMG_20150915_170907 IMG_20150915_140528

154 109

Then Girona, another massive medieval Town, where they were filming Game of thrones might I add!

We wandered through narrow streets in the old town and then sat down and watched the world pass us by while we drank Rioja and ate patatas bravas and Nachos.

IMG_20150915_182510 IMG_20150915_183107 IMG_20150915_214741 IMG_20150915_214915 IMG_20150918_230022 IMG_20150915_184907 IMG_20150915_214832 IMG_20150915_214702

We drove to two camp-sites in Girona and both looked unsafe so we stayed in a gorgeous hotel in the city centre, that I found in 5 minutes before check in on But I really enjoyed Girona Town, it felt homely and safe.

IMG_20151010_160835The weather wasn’t amazing so we decided that heading south was a good option, we stopped off at some lovely places along the way.

Tossa De Mar

A beautiful place to stop, have some lunch and take it the views.

IMG_20150916_204955 IMG_20150916_205145 IMG_20150916_211032 IMG_20150916_205855 IMG_20150916_212627

From there , the awe-inspiring Roman Amphitheatre in Taragonna.



And on to Granada, it was late when we got into Granada and we had drove for 4 hours so i went on and found this amazing hotel, for 100EURO. I still think it was some sort of mix up, we got a suite with a jacuzzi in the room!


I was just raging that we didn’t arrive earlier.

The next morning we woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go explore Granada. A town we had heard so much about, steeped in history, on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

I had planned on going to see Flamingo dancing in the caves and the Palace in Alhambra and the Arabic shopping streets.

Sadly we didn’t research it enough and our whole, be free , make no plans ethos on the holiday back fired. Tickets for the palace were sold out for the foreseeable future and the same with Flamingo dancing in the caves.

However, we did get tickets to see the palace gardens, and we made it to the Arabic markets.


IMG_20150919_131505 IMG_20150919_131524 IMG_20150919_180110 IMG_20150919_181121 IMG_20150919_175836 IMG_20150919_211017

IMG_20150923_211241IMG_20150919_191933 194 205 261 279 268


It was beautiful there, we were so disappointed we didn’t get to see the palace, but we had to move on, we wandered through the Arabic centre and sat and had a glass of wine and then we did a spot of shopping. At about 7pm we decided we better organise where we would stay so we searched camp-sites and found an award winning camp-site up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and we made our way up. It was dark on arrival so using the lights of the car we pitched out tent and headed to the camp-site bar for a night cap.

 The air was fresh in the mountains and I actually woke up in the middle of the night freezing, my micro-fibre towel wasn’t enough so i wrapped myself up in clothes.

The next day we saw some of the Sierra Nevada national park and went and walked the hanging bridges of Granada.

295 298 301




We drove from there straight to Malaga, had some lunch on the beach and pitched our tent in Torremolinos for our first few beach days xx It was so nice to finally let the sun soak into our skin, read some books and drink some cocktails.


IMG_20150922_145801 IMG_20150922_153836


IMG_20150922_185422 IMG_20150925_185004 IMG_20150927_150119

IMG_20150921_185829 IMG_20150923_202336

We rested here, went for relaxing morning walks on the beach and two hour strolls every night until it was time to check into our final destination.


IMG_20150926_171804 IMG_20150926_172101 IMG_20150926_173347 IMG_20150926_221654

IMG_20150927_112350 IMG_20150926_221450 IMG_20150926_173302

IMG_20150926_222812 IMG_20150926_221538

We stayed in an amazing rental property in Calle de Mijas which was spread out over three floors.

Casa Kewuet


When you walk into the house you are greeted with this view, amazing day or night. It was such a pity that our schedules were so hectic, we never got to sit here and watch the sun set together with a bottle of wine.

335 337 339

An old style interior with a modern twist.


The bathroom was built into the hillside rocks and this beautiful free standing bath took centre stage in the house.

We were in Mijas for our friends wedding and it was beautiful, and so central, Close to Malaga and Marbella.

So many things to do x


IMG_20151006_130343 IMG_20150929_222339 IMG_20151006_151624

I really enjoyed the holiday but I gotta say, Greece and it’s old fashioned islands still have my heart.

Spain was busy, commercialised and stressful to drive in and I just didn’t get the same relaxed vibe I had felt in Greece.

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