Why natural skincare is the most effective skincare!


I have been asked time and time again “what skincare do you use? what foundation do you use? your skin is always so flawless!”.

I have always been into a skincare routine ever since I was a teeny bopper. Back then, all I knew was the Simple range and it worked well for me, however as I grew up it wasn’t enough.

When I went to college I was lucky enough to stumble across Lush and like everyone does, I fell in love with it. I loved their cleansers, toners, moisturisers, masks…. I loved everything about them. Sometimes, I’d even go in just for a sniff.

Funnily enough, I do have dry skin so I need moisture, and lots of it. Not dry flaky skin, just dry, particularly after a shower or a swim.

So as my life journey continued, so too did my interest in natural skincare.
I started getting more and more selective. Parben free this , fragrance free that, organic,  as natural as possible.
Which is hard because even the most natural cosmetics companies, with the greatest of intentions, have to start using nasties as they grow to prolong the shelf life of their products. It makes business sense yes, but its not an option for us health conscious people.

Actually, when you look into these things you can spend hours reading about the ill effects that synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances etc have on our bodies. Its crazy really! How did we end up like this. We were all so natural and self sufficient before.


And all of this got me thinking………….

Some of us have gone full circle and reverted back to the ways of our grandparents when it comes to being self sufficient regarding food. ‘Growing your own’ is now on trend, everyone is doing it, and more power to you if you are. I am and I love it.

and if you don’t have the means to grow your own there is a big trend towards local farmers markets, locally grown fruit and veg, locally made preserves, jams and honeys. It’s great.

So, why don’t we do the same when it comes to skincare.

Local aromatherpists…

Local herbalists………

Small local companies that will make a blend on request, or make a small batch of creams, balms, whatever, that don’t need chemical preservatives to survive a holocaust. Products that are made of natural ingredients, plant oils, plant butters, essential oils….. The things our parents parents would have used, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil.


Doesn’t it make perfect sense?!

So, this leads me to my conclusion!

Why chose products pumped with chemical preservatives, synthetic fillers, synthetic fragrances and massive marketing budgets that have travelled the world more than you have ………

Make the change, find your local aromatherpists, herbalist, natural skincare company. They will make it as it’s needed and I guarantee you, it will change your skin forever.

Here are some of my favourites:

Saraki Skincare



Apart from their fun, amazing packaging, they make small batches of face creams, balms etc by hand as demand requires which means they are always fresh with little or no preservatives. They are made using plant oils/butters and essential oils and smell divine, leaving your mind rested and your skin hydrated and soft.  Pop over to their Facebook page for a look!

Aroma Bliss



Combining culinary skills and a love of aromatherapy, Aroma Bliss again makes small handmade batches of creams specifically for clients on request and they all smell as beautiful as each other. Molly has a passion for skincare and the knowledge to back it up. CHECK THEM OUT.

LaVida Herbal Clinic



 ‘My Role as a Herbalist is to give people a choice, to connect with what nature has to offer and to get people involved in their own health care, prevention is far better than cure.’
Claire is both an aromatherpist and a herbalist, so she can help you feed your skin from the inside out.
Have a look at her Facebook for more information.


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One thought on “Why natural skincare is the most effective skincare!

  1. Nature makes us beautiful, not chemical skincare and make up. I bought an organic cruelty-free skincare a few years ago but only used it for a month or so. I no longer put anything on my skin although I know I should at 31 but I tell myself my best skincare is not smoking. Sometimes I apply cruelty-free and paraben free make up, but very rarely. My red streak are dyed with organic hairdye. Unfortunately my health condition requires chemical medicines…one cannot be perfect. PS: love your hair.

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