I’m in a mermaid state of mind!

Hey Beauties xx


I had the pleasure of getting my fur done last week by an amazingly talented colourist in Fox&Bow hair salon.


Michelle has a masters in hair colour! Who knew that that existed, right!

Hair colour is a true craft and passion of Michelle’s.



Here’s how it works in there!

Firstly you go in for a hair consultation.

You have a chat about what your hair goals are and the girls will talk you through the process.

I loved how honest Michelle was from the beginning (it’s going to take 5hours, its going to be a lot of work etc) and her knowledge drew me in straight away.

I felt that my hair was in safe, confident, passionate, knowledgeable hands and so after the consultation I made my appointment and then nearly died with anticipation waiting for Tuesday to come.

The atmosphere in the salon is fun and friendly, yet professional and while you are having your hair washed at the sink, the chair massages you!

What more could a girl ask for eh!


Here is a picture I took literally going out the door before the transformation (as I’m calling it)


And so it began……

Michelle used ColourpHlex added to bleach. This is for professional use only (sorry DIY’ers)!

ColourpHlex strengthens hair from the inside out, reducing damage and breakage. As the bleach opens the cuticle/follicle, colourpHlex uses naturally derived vegetable protein molecules that penetrate the hair, reinforcing bonds during the bleach process xx

(Thanks to Michelle for the science)

To get more of an even result Michelle used Loreal Platinium plus,it lifts 20% faster and lifts clean, and  is more

conditioning as it contains beeswax properties that maintain natural oils.

Michelle decided against re-bleaching my ends in an attempt to remove the yellow and blue tones that were already in it but, hair is a journey and we will work on this the next time now that we know how well the product works with my hair.

So instead she worked some manic panic blue hair dye in to brighten up the blue.


So enough of that sciency stuff!

Here is the end result!

Soft looking, pastel, mermaid hair!


IMG_20150512_204607 (1)



And every time you wash it, it gets more and more beautiful.

The best part about pastel mermaid hair is that anything goes.

Here it is after 5 washes!


and here it is with lilac lippie


Lime crime-Rave lipstick


Pastel, mermaid hair even goes with cats!


Here is the link to the Fox and Bow website:


You will find all the details here.

Everyone is commenting on how soft my hair looks and I have never achieved such a bright, white blonde before.

I am so happy with the colour and cannot wait to play around with it a bit more.


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