Brighten up your life! DIY Decoupage

Decoupage and chalk painting on clothes hangers.


To be honest, these were practice runs as it was my first time using chalk paint and doing decoupage.

So, Get yourself some wooden hangers. I got these in Euro Giant, 3 for €1.50.

1427250980093They will need to be sanded down as they come pre varnished and the chalk paint doesn’t take well on varnished surfaces.

20150316_192955 (2)

20150316_194352I covered the first hanger in wrapping paper, the next time I am going to rip up napkins as the wrapping paper was hard to work with. You need to cover the area in varnish, then place the paper down and varnish over it. This needed a few coats of varnish as there was so many finicky corners.


For the other two hangers, again I sanded them down and used authentico chalk paint, they needed two coats. I then used the Annie Sloan decoupage and this was the end result.

1427250714506 1427250775941 1427250823979 1427250912256










IMG_20150518_225004 IMG_20150518_231553


And….. I just got three more so stay tuned for more beautiful hangers xx

Brenners Mc Goo

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