My Vegan, cruelty- free, natural, organic picks of the Irish Beauty show

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My Vegan Cruelty-free picks of the day at Dublin Beauty Show.

I won’t lie, I was in no form for the show, I had been up since 6am to drop my parents at the airport and had decided to make a day of it and at the last minute I registered for tickets. We arrived at 9.50 to find a MASSIVE queue waiting to get in and immediately my back was up. I was under the impression that I would have the place all to myself (how silly of me).

Anyway, I gave up after about 40minutes so I gotta say, I didn’t see every single stall, nor did I take many pictures. I am a cranky lady when I’m tired (hehe) and the crowds bumping off me were starting to annoy me, but here is what I did see and get and love.

1. Blank Canvas Brushes

I had my eye out for these babies so I was delighted to pick up a few. Of course I wanted to get a million more brushes but thankfully the boyfriend was there to restrain me.

Blank Canvas have a range of synthetic hair brushes that are 100% Vegan, they are made using man made fibres such as taklon or nylon, synthetic hair is easy to clean, soft and lovely to work with.

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2. Anneco

 Irish made organic, natural, ethical, mineral make-up.

Anneco is made using organic ingredients and has no chemical additives, perfumes or preservatives.

I absolutely had to try it! So, I sat down and got a shade match and went for medium minus. This mineral foundation is beautifully scented with orange essential oil and has a natural spf 40. I used it for the first time yesterday and it glides onto the skin effortlessly, silky almost and offers enough coverage for day time wear. I also noticed that they had a vegan brush set too but I really wanted to hit up blank canvas so I had to restrain myself that time. They also had some mineral colour correctors in green, yellow and blue shades which would be great if you needed extra coverage. You could build up a colour corrector and add the mineral foundation on top, id love to try one actually so I may have to purchase one and do a blog dedicated to Anneco. They also stock mineral blushers and bronzers.

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3. Celtic Candles

I wrote a whole blog on these babies because I loved them so much xx Check it out!

100% soy wax candles

Check out their Facebook page;


2015-03-10 11.30.32

Here are some other brands I came across.

Powder and pout Brushes

This brand has been set up by a make-up artist, that has worked with M.A.C, and she has developed these high quality brushes at a fraction of the price of other brands. There are a lot of brushes made with goat hair but they do have a lot of synthetic brushes too.

Check them out:


 Natural Irish skincare products hand made using nettles.

Their range includes face creams, hand creams, and aftershaves.

Check them out:

Glo Minerals

This brand boasts premium grade ingredients  containing no perfumes and offer parben and gluten free formulas and are cruelty free. They have a fairly extensive range of products so check them out too.


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