Celtic Candles, 100% Organic Plant Wax

As I strolled around the RDS on Sunday at the Dublin Beauty Show, being handed leaf-let after leaf-let, pushing my way through the crowds, wondering why I even went there in the first place, I stumbled across Celtic candles.


What a treat in the middle of all the madness.


I don’t enjoy crowds or people pushing past you, others pushing their products on you!

I enjoy strolling around myself and if I have a question, ill ask when Im ready and that’s how it happened at the

Celtic Candles stand.

2015-03-10 11.30.32

Celtic Candles are a unique range of organic, natural products that are both kind to you and the environment”

They use 100% organic plant wax, no parbens, sulphates or petro-chemicals, boasting eco friendly glass and packaging and the best part, they are Irish owned and run and have been around since 1993.


When buying candles, you never think about things like synthetic fragrances, wax and all the potential hazardous chemicals that are emitted when you burn them.

Well, now is the time to question that! Have you ever burned a candle that creates black smoke as it burns??

I have, I won’t mention the brand but I will say that it’s bloody dangerous, not only for your health but for your safety too.

Some people have even told me horror stories of falling asleep and waking up to find a black ceiling over where the candle had been lighting.

This is where soy wax, a plant wax comes in.

Other candles are made of paraffin oil and therefore increase the CO2 amounts in your home and the atmosphere.  Soy candles contain no known carcinogens and are naturally biodegradable and can be removed from glass jars easily. They can be scented with essential oils, therefore no dangerous synthetic fragrances are needed.

Soy wax candles also burn 50% longer than regular candles.

And the important part, soy candles burn cleaner than paraffin candles and they do not produce that black soot like paraffin candles. (known to discolour walls and ceilings and contain carcinogens)

So make the move to soy wax candles and be pleasantly surprised by their wonderful scent.

Here is the link to Celtic Candles website ; http://www.celticcandles.ie/

Facebook page ; https://www.facebook.com/CelticCandles?fref=ts

They make a range of different sized candles that have the most beautiful scents!

I opted for wild fig and grape although I was sooooooooooooo tempted to get the lavender one.

You can also get packaged candles or non packaged versions.


They make tartlets, lip balms, personalized candles for weddings/christenings, private label candles to match your brand/store, reed diffusors and hand and body creams.

These candles are a pleasure to burn and have 50hrs burning time for just under 12EURO. They are my newest addiction.

Go on, treat yourself!

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