Aroma Bliss Eye Balm Review



Cork based aromatherpist Molly Hartigan makes her own skincare range using plant oils and essential oils, the most potent anti-ageing ingredients!

Her company is called aroma bliss and I am obsessed with them, so on turning 26 last month I decided I needed to invest in an eye cream, I mailed Molly and mentioned that ‘I was giving myself wrinkles, worrying about getting wrinkles’

She promptly mailed me back with descriptions of her two eye care products, an eye balm or an eye cream. I opted for an eye balm and a few days later it arrived at my house via post. ( very convenient) .

A balm is just thicker than cream and melts onto your skin like butter (probably because there is Shea butter in it ).


This one has generous amounts of carrot seed oil which is full of vitamin A, this is great for dark circles and eye brightening properties. Aloe Vera  gel which is cooling,  avocado and jojoba oil for antiaging , and again full of vitamins and essential fatty acids which keep the skin plump and firm. While Vitamin E oil and frankincense are perfect for delicate skin area around the eye and really help in the prevention of wrinkles. Or as I call it, ‘The fight against wrinkles’

Molly makes the products weekly so you know your creams haven’t been sitting on a shelf for months or even years and therefore won’t be laced with toxic preservatives. Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative and that is why I opted for the balm, no preservatives or binding agents needed, as natural as it comes xx

Another bonus is that the jar is absolutely jam packed, you don’t see the corporate giants being as generous as this, and it is a steal at 15EURO. This will literally last ages and I have been using it all over my face as a serum too.


Just as sourcing locally grown food and produce is important , sourcing locally made cosmetics and skincare is as important for your health and well being!

Try it out, you will see great results. I have always had dark circles, this eye balm has reduced them and left my skin nourished and revived.(especially after late nights) The aloe Vera is cooling after a hard day, the lavender scent is up-lifting and the simple fact that you know you are doing your skin a favour makes you happy.

Check out my previous blog on their cream , lips balms and hair oils xx

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