Red Hot, Vegan, cruelty-free Valentine’s Lips

We should all support companies that don’t test on animals, and especially stay away from those that use crushed bugs to achieve a strong red pigment.

It can be hard to know which companies are cruelty-free so here are my top red lip picks for Valentine’s day xxxx

Of course you don’t have to wear red, you could always rock a black lip or a flirty pink, whatever colour takes your fancy really!


(Lime Crimes salem Velvetine)

 From flirty reads to dark reds, here are some cruelty-free, vegan reds for this Valentine’s day.


1. Inglot Ireland do not test on animals and have some wonderful colours when it comes to lips. This beauty is now only 12.99 too, check them out;

This shade is 279, 278 is also a lovely vibrant red.

You will find inglot stores in Limerick, Cork and Dublin.

Remember to always line your lips before applying a red lippy, you don’t want to end up looking like the joker!


2. Lush – Lush have sooooooooo many beautiful shades of red but I love this one, power. I really, really recommend using liner and a setting powder for Lush’s lippy though. They are made with jojoba oil with candelilla and rose waxes so they can be greasy and bleed without prepping your lips first.

Check out their other colours here;

You will find lush stores in Cork and Dublin


3. Manic Panic – ‘tested on celebrities, not animals’ I love this brand, I use their hair dyes and lippies all the time!

Sadly, in Ireland, they only have an on-line presence , go on, have a stalk! They are really reasonably priced too x


4. Benecos – A chemical free, natural company! You will find them in most health food shops around the country and if not, here is their site. Again this ‘just red’ lippy is reasonably priced and heavily pigmented.


5. Lime crime – Naturally one of my favourite cosmetics companies, if your looking for a darker more gothic lip, try their Velvetine, wicked. Here is a previous blog it wrote on it xx

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