Natural Skin care Routine


Hello Ladies and Gents

Here are my NATURAL beauty secrets for flawless skin.


As you know, I’m all about being as close to nature as possible and so this is my top priority when looking after my skin!

Here is a step by step guide to my skin care routine xxx



I make my own cleansing oil using Macadamia oil, caster oil. Jojoba oil, Vitamin E (which acts as a NATURAL preservative) and a few drops of whatever essential oil I have at hand. A natural cleansing oil like this is massaged into the skin and lifts dirt out of your pores, I then wipe it away with a damp, warm face cloth.

If you don’t want to make your own, there are loads of other natural options, lush have an amazing cleanser called ultrabland that is great for removing make-up and health food shops have loads of chemical free cleansers too. Be selective about the ingredients and make sure they are parben free and as natural as possible.

Step 2. TONE
Floral Waters!
If you haven’t come across these miracle toners before then you are missing out!
They can also be blended with clays to make face masks and loads more.
Floral water is the by product of obtaining essential oils from plants.  It is this condensate water that remains after the extraction of an essential oil by water or steam distillation.
I use floral water in the morning and evening, sometimes I use it thought-out the day to calm and sooth my face (lavender water) especially if I have had a heater on in work all day. Floral water evens out skin tone and the lavender water is great for acne prone skin while the rose water is good for aging skin. You can get so many different ones depending on your skin type so again, research it and check ingredients and source.
These floral waters can be found in chemists, health foods stores and online.
Lush also have some amazing toners, my favourite is tea-tree water xx
Okay, so again, you can make your own moisturiser (I’ll leave that for another post as it’s complicated) but here are a few of my favourite chemical free, natural moisturisers!
Sukin – rose-hip day cream


Lush – gorgeous, enzymion, vanishing cream (both good for oily teen skin)
Aroma bliss – handmade in Cork by an aromatherpists
At the moment, I am using a balm and a moisturiser I made myself coupled with sukin rosehip day cream, I find that using a different one each day is good.
Again, you will find some excellent chemical-free, natural face creams in health shops, chemists and tkmaxx, check out this blog I wrote on the wonder that is TKMAXX.
P.S, for extra moisture during the winter, you can add oils like vitamin E, rose-hip etc to your moisturiser.
Step 4. BED TIME LOVIN’ (cringey?)
So, when we sleep our skin starts to regenerate and make new cells.
This is why sleep is so important for our whole body and this is why, at bed time, I put some extra love and attention into my skin.
PicsPlay_1423045994550IMG_20150204_102405 IMG_20150204_102332Oils like rose-hip, Argan, almond, coconut, vitamin E, jojoba, olive oil etc are rich in Essential Fatty Acids and are easily absorbed by the skin. These fatty acids keep our skin looking youthful and plump, they even out skin tone and are soooooo moisturising.
I put a different one on every night and I swear (would I lie to you) my skin has been amazing ever since I started. My make-up also goes on  easier and my skin tone it so even. Trust me, just try it xx
Again, these oils can be blended together or blended with essential oils to target more specific needs, for example, frankincense is the most potent anti-ageing essential oil, so you could blend a few drops with any of these oils to reap the benefits.
Not to sound like a broken record but you must only buy pure, un-fragranced, natural and organic oils to get the benefits.
Please also read my blog post ‘Your mother was right, you are what you eat’
And as always, follow my on social media xxx

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