My ‘Boudoir me’ Photo Shoot Experience

DSC_5220 [640x480]

Hey ladies xx

When I was studying in Wales two years ago, my boyfriend got me a lovely gift. A boudoir photo shoot and so I am gong to share some pictures with you. I got my amazing friend Deirdre to do my hair and I did my own make up.

(How very student of me)

I had to get the bus to the back arse of no where and then walk down a country lane with sheep in the surrounding fields to get to the photographers house. She had a lovely log cabin in her garden where she took the snaps.

She was very easy to work with, she guided me through all the poses and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Boudoir me by Donovan & Donovan photography. I got a glass of bubbly on arrival and I had been told I could do three outfit changes.

 The deal I got from groupon is still going for any of you living in or around there.

DSC_5326 [640x480]

DSC_5253 text bw [640x480]DSC_5174 [640x480]

DSC_5193 [640x480] DSC_5195 [640x480]

DSC_5272 bw [640x480]

DSC_5276 [640x480]DSC_5272 [640x480]

DSC_5241 text [640x480]DSC_5253 text [640x480]DSC_5237 bw [640x480]DSC_5215 [640x480] DSC_5204 2 [640x480]DSC_5204 [640x480]What are my reasons behind sharing these images? 

In the hope that it will inspire you to do a boudoir shoot. I love to look back on these beautifully edited photo’s of me, they make me feel sexy, empowered and one of a kind. When I’m 90, I’ll be sitting in a nursing home showing them to my carers, what I’m trying to say is that pictures like this are lovely to have and to cherish.

I’m not perfect nor do I want to be and these photos, in a way, celebrate that.

They have taught me to love myself and have given me great confidence in my own skin xx

So much more that I would love to do more shoots.

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11 thoughts on “My ‘Boudoir me’ Photo Shoot Experience

  1. Love it!! I did one when I was around 7 months pregnant with my first, not as risqué but I did the infamous ‘demi’ shot and I love them! I’ll never regret doing it! Thanks for reminding how good I feel about that shoot!

  2. I’ve done the shoot it’s fantastic I loved every second of it…. and I love your hoody it’s awesometastically amazeballs lol xx

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