You had me at meow! TKmaxx


So some of you may know from my Facebook and instagram profile’s that I am completely obsessed with TKmaxx.

So I said I would justify my obsession by sharing with you some of the main reasons  why I love to shop there and why you alternative fashionista’s and vegan, cruelty-free warriors should too.

Firstly, home ware… alternative home ware!

Unless you want to spend a lot of money on shipping from countless wonderful alternative internet shops then there are no high street shops (or online stores) in Irelanad offering us ladies some skullalicious, retro, punk, random items for our homes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you will find some wonderful stand alone shops selling magnificent little bits and bobs but they can be inaccessible to most . Generally we all have access to a TKmaxx in our closest city.

So take a look at some of my TKmaxx home ware finds xx

IMG_20150108_142154 IMG_20140824_175251

IMG_20140824_174849 IMG_20140824_174809

IMG_20150108_142100 IMG_20150108_211408



Secondly, the cosmetics!

I have discovered so many brands by browsing in TKmaxx cosmetics section as well as seeing some familiar  brands that are stocked in health food shops but at lower prices.

Of course I am looking for the parben free,  cruelty-free, eco-friendly brands which are plentiful there.

Have a browse at some of my favorites ……..

IMG_20150108_211614 IMG_20150108_211739 IMG_20141105_222359IMG_20141105_222930


As it happens there are chemical free pet products too (this is not one btw)


IMG_20141229_183430 IMG_20141229_183633

There are even some earth friendly, safe, natural baby products stocked there!

Which also  make great gifts for new borns xxx


Lastly, the obvious one…. clothes!

I have come across dr.Martins, iron fist, alice takes a trip, fat face, roxy, billabong  and lots more there xx xx

IMG_20150108_215951 IMG_20150108_220113 IMG_20150108_220319

So as always thanks for reading and as always follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.

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