Naturally promote Hair Growth!

essesntial oils I’ve been doing some research on essential oils that promote hair growth and improve hair texture. I have taken two classes with Wapo organics specialists in Organic beauty ( and have gained a passion for making my own natural skin care products. Now, I want to improve my hair. I can remember my school days, sitting there, picking at my split ends so I have always had crappy hair and now that I bleach my hair, I really need to look after it. So here are my tips; Firstly, I moved to sulphate, parben free shampoos and conditioners. I swear by Sukin skincare, their shampoos and conditioners have saved my bleached locks.


Secondly, I try not to use the hair dryer much, however in winter you need to dry your hair otherwise you’ll FREEZE! And finally, I started making my own hair masks with coconut oil and almond oil. Sometimes I will leave the coconut oil or almond oil in my hair overnight and then go to the steam room in the morning and let my hair soak in even more of the goodness. My hair is really soft now, not dry anymore but it is riddled with split ends and could do with thickening up.


So, essential oils popped into my head. As you know I love essential oils. So I began to read up on them and found that rosemary essential oil can help stimulate hair follicles to create new hair growth, as well as slowing hair loss. You can add 3-5 drops of your favourite ones to an organic, chemical free shampoo and conditioner. Here are some more oils that promote healthy hair growth: •Ylang Ylang Essential Oil •Lavender Essential Oil •Rosemary Essential Oil •Lemon Essential Oil •Roman Chamomile Essential Oil •Geranium Essential Oil •Cypress Essential Oil •Clary Sage Essential Oil •Sage Essential Oil They can also be mixed with carrier oils to make a hair treatment , I use organic coconut oil but you can also use avocado, jojoba, borage or aloe vera xxx Jojoba oil is supposed to be the best for hair loss and coconut oil is recommended for dry damaged hair. You must get all your oils from the most pure, organic sources. For example, I only buy my coconut and almond oil in the health food shop.

Happy hair growth people xx

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7 thoughts on “Naturally promote Hair Growth!

    • I have to say that i love the coconut oil for the night before I go to the swimming pool, i leave it in all night in bed and when yiu wash ut out your hair is soooo soft, i also love adding rosemary and lavander essential oils to my shampoos and really massaging it into my roots x 😙 hope that helps

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