Mc Goo’s Winter wish list!

Seeing as it’s 30days until Christmas I reckon it is a good time to start acknowledging it.

Apparently Ireland is set to get some harsh, cold weather this winter and what better way to warm up with a hat a neck scarf from Zaini a company launched by a Scottish ski instructor. Here are my favourites both priced at 20pounds . You can buy these directly from the website

These are guaranteed to keep your warm while you are out and about in all weather while allowing you to express your colourful personality.

zaini hats zaini nexk warmer

Every girl wants a new dress to wear on Christmas Day. It’s a must! A given right!

 A Christmas dress however, needs to tick a lot of boxes!

It must be flattering to your body , yet stretchy and comfy for all that binge eating.

This, Voodoo Vixen dress is amazing, I just cant decide on which colour I want. The safe black or the bold blue!!! HELP!

14014_10152565826762982_1281806387564350709_n bonnie dress

They can be purchased online here;

Another Christmas morning must is new make up. I really, really, REALLY want to get my paws on Lime crime’s new eye shadow palette Venus. It is currently out of stock but here’s to hoping it will make a return before Christmas . I have asked Santa for it so I’m sure I’ll get it.


Lime Crime also have a new lippy due to come out soon called pansy and I would love that for a colour pop during the festive season instead of the usual festive red’s.


And…… this would go really well with that blue Voodoo vixen dress. See a pattern… Blue and purple obsession! (hehehehe)

Every Winter I like to treat my skin to Lush’s most expensive moisturiser Gorgeous, so I guess Santa will be tapped up again.

Finally, I would love these misguided boots for everyday street style. They would work really well, teamed with black skinny jeans/leggings, snuggly knits, over-sized coats and dark lipstick. I don’t ask for much eh?


Thanks for reading and as always follow me on social media;



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