I have a passion for individuality in a world dominated by tradition!


As I have gained a lot of new followers recently I said I would give you all a bit of a bio on me, the one and only Brenners Mc Goo.

Where did the name come from??

Well, when I was in college, my house mates started calling me Brenners, then I had a friend who called me Mc Goo so I combined the two names to make one x By the way, my actual name is Brenda Barry.

I randomly tend to give people I am fond of pet names, for example, I call my dad fat boy (he is quite thin) because he would drive us to school in his van and fat boy slim would always be on the radio. I call my boyfriend Clem even though his name is Thomas. For what reason you ask? simply because I am a weirdo. (and proud of it)

What am I all about?

I love finding cosmetics brands that don’t cost the earth, are carbon neutral, cruelty free and free from dangerous chemicals. My favourite is when I find cosmetics that are made locally by aromatherpists or when I make my own.


I hate fashion trends that are copied by millions just because one popular pop star was paid to wear it. For this reason, I like to defy fashion trends. That is why you will never see posts or blogs on the ‘latest fashion trends’. I follow my own rules and make my own rules.

I get a-lot of stupid, rude comments when I’m out and about by small minded people questioning my hair and fashion choices but that only makes me dress more outrageously. So thank you small minded people.


I know that you cannot get on with 100% of people 100% of the time and I know that this is okay. I don’t waste time on making people like me. I am who I am, a blue hair’d (currently blue hair’d) retro, 50’s, rockabilly, punk, hippy, crazy cat lady.


My plans for the future!?

Get more tattoos, change my hair colour a million more times and eventually open a shop selling make-up and clothes that express individual personalities, not supress them.

2014-11-18 13.35.22  IMG_20141109_224337

So as always follow me on social media xx





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