Halloween- How to decorate a house for 50euro


Hello Everyone!!!!!!

I organised a Halloween Party at a friends house this weekend and said I’d share my experience with you all in time for this coming Friday the 31st… HALLOWEEN!

We spent 50EURO on decorations and the place looked amazing.


Here’s how!

Discount shops are your best friend!!

We got all of our decorations from the 2euro shop, deals and homestore and more.

Step one, creepy cobwebs!

To achieve the cobwebbed ceiling we used thumbtacks and fishing line and zig, zagged it across the ceiling, then using the fake webs from the 2EURO shop we stretched them out into the shape we wanted. All we needed for the hallway and sitting room was 4 packets of webs!


Fake cobwebs are made even creepier by placing fake insects, rats and body parts into them.

Step two: Glass ware!

Next on the list was glass ware and more fake insects/body parts/ skeletons.

We were lucky, we had a biochemist to help us with this so we got glass ware from an actual lab which made everything extra spooky.


With the right lighting and a bit of red food colouring this can give the place an extra spooky feeling.



There’s nothing more creepy than showing up to a house, having to let yourself in, walk through a dark hallway with cobwebs, glass ware with skeletons with creepy music playing  while walking into suspended (fake) body parts.


 Perfect for a Halloween party!

20141026_202143 20141026_202135


The Extras

Mounted wall hangings, bloody hand and foot prints, spooky I-pod play list, eyeball punch, brain vodka jelly, red shots from test tubes served by creepy dead people (aka friends)

20141026_203944 (1)20141026_20393420141026_211257

Gruesome Halloween Parties are only good if everyone gets in the spirit and dresses up. In order to entice people to do this I volunteered myself to do anyone’s make-up once they showed up, so here are some looks I created for the guests. I also advised people to rip up old clothes and cover them with fake blood rather than buying expensive costumes.

The Joker and his missus

20141026_202748 20141026_20540220141026_210501

Corpse Bride and Groom (myself and my fella)


Dead Friends


We were lucky that all our guests were really into the idea, thanks for making the night amazing! Here’s to an even bigger, better, spookier one next year xxx

I hope this gives you some decoration ideas. If you have any tips, please leave a comment x

Brenda xx

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/brenda89b



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