Halloween, Brenda’s time to shine!


It’s nearly upon us and I cannot wait!


I have organised a gruesome themed Halloween party with friends so last night I did a lil practice run with face paints and hair chalk as I have never used either before.

I love Halloween and my room decor kinda has a Halloween feel to it all year round. I got this skull candle holder in tkmax for 9.99! I love tkmax!

My room loves skulls and skulls love my room!


So here we go!



Hair chalk was a big thing for festivals this summer, so I had a look on ebay and picked up this pack for 10euro from a seller called fashion union line, if you do a search for hair chalk loads will come up, it can also be bought in Claire’s accessories and the 2euro shop at the moment.

To use hair chalk you will need a glass of water and patience (hehehe). Your hair should be dry to begin with but will need to be re-styled after. As my hair is bleached and has a pastel blue at the moment it made for a perfect base. However, it does work on light and dark browns. You need to dip the chalk into the water and starting from the ends of your hair brush the hair chalk up. My hair was getting all knotted  from it so I didn’t do too much. It does look chalky after its done so it really is perfect for Halloween.

I then tried out a Halloween make-up! I have never used face paints like this before, you need to use water with them too. So this look is gonna be totally un-professional and amateur.  (The face paints are from Arts and Hobby) 

The cracked face effect was achieved using a gel eyeliner, I would use a smaller brush in future and a lighter hand.

095 096

I’m happy with the look for a first attempt but will be practising a few more looks before the big day 😉


What do you guys think?
Any tips or tricks you have learned along the way? Fell free to upload pictures xx

As always,

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