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Hello Beautiful People!

A few months ago I started researching the power of essential oils for the body and mind. For centuries, people around the world have enjoyed the aromatic pleasures and health benefits of these oils that come from NATURE’s many plants, flowers and trees.

Overtime, humankind has become detached from nature which has lead to a lot of mental health issues such a s depression, anxiety, fatigued minds and lack of motivation ETC. Sitting in cars, behind computers and spending hours in offices away from natural light all dampen the spirit. Plants, believe it or not have a unique link to humankind and if you feel like there is something missing in your life, then I urge you to go buy some essential oils, carry them in your hand bag for a quick sniff when you start to feel that afternoon slump, if you cant sleep or need to relax. Their uses are literally ENDLESS!

My research on essential oils and my keen interest in using natural cosmetics lead me to Mayca, the owner of an on line store based in Ireland selling certified organic cosmetics.(www.wapobeauty.com) Mayca’s story in itself is an amazing one, worth the read in fact, so here’s the link. http://wapo.ie/about-us/story-rosehip-oil/

As I stalked the Wapo organics website I discovered that as well as selling an amazing range of brands that are organic, cruelty free, vegan and safe, Mayca also holds natural skincare workshops. (http://wapo.ie/product-category/natural-skincare-workshops-dublin/).

So I got in touch. Let me say firstly that Mayca is a pleasure to deal with, such a positive personality.

So, we arranged a date, I arranged 7 of my friends and she came to us! Yes, it really was that easy! She travelled from Dublin to Tipperary last Saturday the 27th and what an experience it was.

She is on a mission to educate Ireland on natural cosmetics. She spoke about expensive brands who use marketing to their advantage when really their products are full of cheap filling agents and harsh chemicals. Even brands that chemists would stock that are full of harmful ingredients. She then went on to explain how we don’t need to use these synthetic materials, how, nature provides everything we need and so we began to make our first item of the day, a lovely natural, chemical and preservative free lip balm which was made in literally 5minutes using; beeswax, coca butter, sunflower oil, and essential oils.

Here we are making our face serum's.

Here we are making our face serum’s.

While that was setting and going solid be started making our second  item of the day, a face serum, tailored by Mayca to everyone’s specific needs. I used hazelnut and rosehip oils  with vitamin E and lavender, frankincense and geranium oils. Since I started using this at night my skin has felt so silky and hydrated in the mornings and of course the smells make me feel so relaxed, calm and positive.

Finally we made our third and last item of the day, a facial toner. I think this one has to be my favourites! When I use it my skin instantly feels calm, even though it wouldn’t have felt distressed before hand. We made this in a spritzer bottle so its a dream to apply. Using rosewater, aloe vera, glycerine and cucumber extract this toner soothes skin, leaving your skin silky and rejuvenated. I LOVE using this in the morning especially.

Mayca provided all the ingredients, utensils and packaging needed as well as some handy information and recipes that we will have forever.

Student Packs

Student Packs

Here are the three products I made.


Mayca does Christmas gift making workshops and an intense one day workshop where you make body butters and facial moisturisers. That one is on my list of things to do.

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This experience overall has been wonderful, learning to became self sufficient and chemical free is the way to go. I would 100% recommend this workshop to others and I will 100% be doing more of her workshops.

My lovely group making our lip balms

My lovely group making our lip balms


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