Aroma Bliss (Blissfully Chemical-Free)

Recently I stumbled across Aroma Bliss Handmade Aromatherapy Skincare.

I was wandering around Cork City after a Biffy Clyro gig and happened upon a market in princes street where I was immediately drawn to Molly’s stall. She has a beautiful array of colourful , homemade cosmetics.

Molly of Aroma Bliss

Molly of Aroma Bliss

All my artisan products are organic & lovingly handcrafted using my own unique recipes & techniques combining my culinary skills & passion for aromatherapy. I create a product that is excellent for your emotional, physical, & spiritual well being, I use only the finest wholesome organic ingredients & essential oils to work in harmony for your skin just like nature intended.”
That day I needed a new moisturiser and was on my way to Lush, so when I picked up Molly’s lavender rose and frankencince face cream I had to have it. (I’m a sucker for lavender)
It is in quite a generous sized tub and priced under 20euro. Very reasonable when you consider its homemade, has no preservatives, chemicals or parbens etc.
So, I started using it and fell in love with it more and more everyday, the scent is amazing for a start, people have a stigma when it comes to face creams with essential oils, believing that they will make their skin greasy/oily but not Molly’s creations, it sinks straight into my face, soaks in after a few minutes and leaves my skin tone even, refreshed, supple, soft and bright. It works wonders as a make up base also.
So, I got in touch with Molly and told her how amazing this cream was (as I am sure she knew) , she kindly gave me her contact details and so I started recommending her products to friends who then purchased from her.
I have reviewed this cream on my “summer essentials” blog post already.
So, I asked Molly could she make me a hair oil as I bleach and swim and she agreed. We had arranged a payment&postage deal but then Molly kindly sent me these three beauties complimentary for recommending her to others and reviewing the cream.
The hair oil is a blend of coconut, sweet almond, jojoba, ylang ylang , rosemary and jasmine oils.
Again, the scent is out of this world amazing.
So, when I go swimming I pop about ten drops of the oil into the palm of my hands and rub it into my hair, I then sit in the steam room for ten minutes, drop my body into the plunge pool for a cool down( accidently drop my bottle of hair oil into the plunge pool and have to call the life guard to help me out, embarrassing!) and then put on my rubber swim hat, swim away for 30mins and wash it out, it leaves my hair soft, manageable, light and smelling amazing. I LOVE IT
Molly also gave me two lip balms to try out, lime and mandarin lip balm with coconut and sweet almond oil.
I keep one in my hand bag and one in my car. The two of them are amazing, you know the way some lip balms can taste really chemically and some can even tickle your throat and make you cough. Not with these, they even taste great, though I would not recommend eating them(hehe).
Again, made with natural blends they leave lips soft, smooth and kissable and I love them. Thanks Molly!
 When it comes to food we are told to source locally grown vegetables, locally sourced meats etc., I also believe that this should be the case when choosing cosmetics. Products made that week, maybe even that day with fresh, natural ingredients are better for one than the cosmetics shipped from the other side of the world with a shelf life longer than our own.
Enjoy and have a stalk of the Aroma bliss Facebook page;
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Thanks for reading people xxx

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