My Summer Essentials xx


Hey Humans,

It’s been a while since my last blog.

Life has been hectic.

So I wanna share with you my summer beauty favourites xx


Lime crime wicked

My ultimate summer lip shade Lime crime’s wicked velvetines lippy xx

I purchased this directly from the lime crime website and there is also a full blog dedicated to this on my WP page.

Aragan gel eye cream

During the summer time, the delicate skin surrounding our eyes tends to get a bit dehydrated so I picked this up in tkmax for 9.99. Argan gel eye cream. It is also parben free and leaves my eyes refreshed after a long day.


I think that this cream has to be the best face cream I have ever used!

It is made by a small company called Aroma Bliss, based in Cork. Find them on face book (

I found them by stumbling into a small craft market on Princes street in Cork and Molly explained to me that the cream was made the day before and full of natural ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals. My skin has never been so good since I started using it.


Of course there had to be some Lush lovelies in there.

I have always been a lover of dream cream so I decided to try the new and improved one which is self-preserving and it is even better than the original xx

After a day in the sun or after a morning swim in a chlorine filled pool, this wonderful cream calms my skin. I love it!

D’Fluff is new to lush, it is a shaving soap. Oh my god the smell is amazing. Sometimes my legs and underarms get irritated from shaving but not with this baby and seeing as you shave a lot during the summer, this is now one of my favourite summer essentials xx It will be coming to Greece with me.


I have been swimming almost everyday to get fit again and so my hair has been subjected to a lot of chlorine, these two brands have been amazing. They were both purchased in tkmax and quiet cheap. The great hair which like bain de terre is parben and sulphate free was 6.99 per bottle and the bain de terre was 9.99 per bottle.

There is quiet a lot in the bain de terre so it will last a long time and they small sooooooo good and leave my hair soft and easy to manage after the pool.


So there you have it, my summer essentials.

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Summer time love people xx


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