Your mother was right! You are what you eat!!




Hey Lovely people xxx

So, a lot of you have been asking me lately about my skin care regime.

Firstly, I am fortunate enough to have pretty much problem free skin bar the odd breakout. 

The old proverb ‘You are what you eat’ really does come into play when it comes to the way you look…….. and feel.


Try to think of it logically, there is little to no nutrition in fast food , ready made meals and processed foods. You feel bloated, heavy, sluggish, disappointed and sometimes even hungry after eating them. They make your cells work harder on breaking down their chemicals and crap instead of helping in the repair of cells and creation of new cells. Not to scare you all but when cells are busy breaking down the chemicals from processed foods they cannot fight diseases off such as cancer.

I am no food nutritionist nor scientist, I am simply a naturalist. By sticking with what nature provided for you, you can change you body, your physical health , your energy, strength, ability, mind and best off all your skin will glow and the aging process will be slowed down.

My big reason for avoiding processed foods is because they dehydrate our cells causing aging of the skin and lets face it, nobody wants dried out wrinkly skin. Another mayor factor is system toxicity overload that comes with all these ‘fake’ foods. In case you haven’t made the link , toxins are TOXIC!

So, instead, I opt for fresh, wholesome ingredients.

I have a very high fruit and vegetable based diet with a very low meat and dairy intake, when choosing my carbs I go for the least processed ones (sweet potato, chick peas, basmati rice etc).

I avoid caffeine and refined sugars (as much as possible) as they too dehydrate cells causing wrinkles. I eat nuts high in omega 3(omega 3fatty acids keep skin looking supple and youthful) , I also drink two litres of water a day which is the minimum amount to keep all your cells doing what they need to be doing. in particular I drink water a lot in the morning to help remove toxins that build up during sleep and more before bed. I drink a lot of lemon and mint infused water, lemons are full of vitamin C and help with weigh loss. If you feel that water is too bland the lemons and mint will give it natural flavour making 2ltrs easy to drink.

Also a major factor in skin looking fresh and youthful is not smoking. Come on people, we are now more educated than ever and people continue to smoke!!! If I handed you tablets and told you to take four a day and eventually they will slowly kill you and charge you 20quid for a days supply would you buy them from me?? Any Hu’s that’s a whole other topic.

So, once you have managed the diet then come the cosmetics!

There are literally millions of cosmetics companies in the world. It would be nice if they had our best interests at heart but….A company is an organisation that cares about profits, Not individuals, not safety and they will do as much as they can to get away with putting harmful chemicals in our cosmetics saying ‘they are okay in small amounts’ which is true but think about the amount of different cosmetics you used today(cleanser, toner, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume) even this morning and then span that out over a lifetime and boom, chemical overload!  p.s, even baby creams have these chemicals.

Not to mention the chemicals in the air around us at any given time.

Avoid brands with long lists of ingredients, especially ones with parbens, methlyparbens. If you join the campaigh for safe cosmetics Facebook page ( you will find all the info on what to avoid and why. But basically, these ingredients cause endocrine disruption, early puberty, have been linked to breast cancer and every disruption to reproductive organs and so much more.

You will find safe cosmetics and chemical free cosmetics in most chemists, health food shops, on-line and you may know this because I go on about it so much but tkmax particularly have a lot.

So, when I wake up I will splash my face with water and use the Lush toner, tee tree water (

then depending on how dry my face is, I will decide on a moisturiser. If my face is very dry I will use Nia intensive restoring face balm

( I have previously done a blog on Nia so scroll down through my page to find it.

If my face isn’t so dry then I will use which ever Lush favourite I have, this depends on the time of year, for example, I use their gorgeous cream in winter and their vanishing cream, skin Shangri la etc in summer. (

For my delicate eye area I use Lush enchanted eye cream and literally one lasts a year at the bargain price of about 14euro.

I use a face mask at least once a week, one of lush fresh face masks of their mask of magmaminty which I adore. (


Generally, day to day I don’t wear make-up, especially not in summer as the sun gives my complexion a healthy glow which foundation covers so when I do wear make up during the day its usually a plant based tint from lush (

When I am going out though, I use bobbi Brown foundation which do contain parbens and as they are now owned by este lauder they probably do test on animals. I suppose I use it rarely but still, I need to find an alternative. Bobbi brown does incorporate essential oils and I find it hydrating, long lasting and has good coverage.

There are lots of safe cosmetics out there, brans that care, Bencos, Dr. Hauschka to name a few but unfortunately they cannot afford massive marketing campaigns and so that is why you probably don’t know about them but again most chemists and health food shop stock them.

As well as that , there are so many natural skin care products you can make your self at home and you will find various recipes on-line, using simple ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, sugar etc. Do some research xx It will save you money 😉

So, If you want healthy happy skin, eat well and opt for the chemical free cosmetics brands and try out some DIY!

I would like to take a minute to thank Laura, a follower of my blogs who always compliments my skin xx Thank you Laura, you inspired me to write this and I hope it helps.

Feel free to leave your own tips in the comments section below ladies.

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Off to eat my raspberries and cashew nuts for now xx











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