Vegan, cruelty-free Mermaid hair! (MANIC PANIC)


Yesterday I used manic panic hair dye for the first time!

It’s a brand that I had wanted to try for ages, manic panic was created by two punk ladies way back when in the US and today Tish and snooky are still rocking crazy coloured hair. Check them out (

This vegan and cruelty free brand have a fantastic slogan  ‘tested on celebrities, not animals’. hehehehe I just love that.

As my hair is already bleached and had some directions colours in it, I didn’t have a perfect blank canvas to work with but that’s okay, I did however need my roots bleached, so I went to a salon called Amber cool In Limerick to get the whole thing done, bringing my own manic panic dyes along with me xx

Amber cool would have a very organic, chemical free ethos(as much as you can being a hair salon). Majella, the owner, tries to source as many chemical free brands as she can and her long term goal would be to have a salon full of vegan, cruelty-free safe products. You can find them on Facebook (

The manageress Veronica Collins is the stylist I always go to, her work is amazing!

Between us, we chose three colours:


We put Ultra violet on the roots, atomic turquoise on the mid and purple haze on the ends

We mixed the ultra violet and atomic turquoise with white conditioner to make them more pastel coloured, manic panic do however have a product for this.
Here is the ultra violet going on to my freshly bleached roots xxx

As you can see I have a lot of other colours going on but the manic panic covered them all.

Image Veronica used tin foil strips to separate the colours and left them to develop for 30mins, you can leave it on longer if you want but it defiantly needed 30mins developing time. When washing out the colour she washed every foil pack separately to prevent colours from running into each other. She used cold water to wash it out as it helps the colour to set.

Here are some pictures of the finished look, after all her hard work she then dried my hair, ghd curled it and pin’d it to give a Dita Von Teese loose curl look xx

I was so impressed with her patience, interest and creativity.

Image    Image

Here is a picture of my hair the day before I had this done and a few hours after xx I am so happy with the results and am 100% recommending MANIC PANIC and AMBER COOL hair group to everyone.

Image   V’s         Image

Before                                                                                   After (excuse the no make-up, I was sunbathing)

I am now selling these dyes at 12euro per bottle, check out my Facebook page for more info :

Do you guys like it??


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