Lime Crime Lover.


(taken from



I have been converted!

I got my first lime crime lipstick last week and cannot stop wearing it!


Firstly, look how cute the packaging is! It made me feel so special. It is finishing touches like this that make companies like Lime Crime stand out. This is what people deserve when they buy cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics xx

Some other vegan, cruelty-free and safe cosmetic companies packaging leaves a lot to be desired, then again, maybe I am just a sucker for packaging.

I was so excited about getting this that I tried it on before bed. (hehehehe)


It smells amazing, it reminded me of Christmas chocolates. Even my boyfriend was smelling it.

The liquid lipstick glides on and when it dries it goes matte, which means you have the option of a glossy lip by adding gloss or keeping that fashionable matte look. It is touch proof and transfer proof on its own, gloss will affect this. Just make sure you have a steady hand when applying. I also used powder to prevent and leaking and a red lip liner.

Image   I went with a glossy look here xx

My only issue is that I do not live in the states!! 😦

Lime Crime are hiring a customer service representative, and HELLO, id be perfect at that! hehehehe

Lime Crime’s CEO, Doe Deere, is in fact my style icon. She always has crazy coloured hair and clothes to match. She has mentioned that she may be releasing a vegan crazy colour line which I would die for! Lets hope it happens.

I purchased my lipstick directly from their website, in fact here is the link: The shipping was very quick too, bearing in mind that this came from the States to Ireland. The website sells out almost immediately as it is re-stocked so keep an eye on their social media sites for stock arrival news and add your email address to their mailing list.

Basically, you need to try this brand, they also have eye shadows, primers and nail varnishes and I believe there is more to come.

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I hope your day wasn’t a total waste of make-up xxx I got caught up in the rain ;(



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