Direction hair dye and crazy Colour bleach kit Review

So, my roots really needed to be done this week and as I am going to France next week I just couldn’t afford to go to a salon.
I have never used a home bleach kit before and I wouldn’t make a habit of it but for touching up my roots it was perfect.
So, I chose the crazy colour bleach  kit.
It comes with two powder peroxides and a liquid bleach , an application brush, gloves and a plastic mixing tub.
I firstly did a strand test as it gives you an idea of the development time required, I only left on the bleach for 30mins as I would be covering it with my directions colours anyway so I didn’t need a bright blonde, however, I should have left it on maybe 10more mins as it ended up being quite a yellow blonde, anyway, lesson learned 😉
I used a stargazer silver toner after and it lifted some of the brassy/yellow tones.
I then sectioned my hair and used directions turquoise and plum on either sides of my head.
ImageHere is the result! I love it, it’s so fun xx
So , to celebrate this lovely colour I have a like a share competition on my Facebook page where you could win the turquoise directions colour xx
Hope everyone had a good Easter xx

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