Creativity comes from dark times!

Is it just me or has the recession brought about some change in Ireland’s creativity?

It seems to me that during the boom, people went off and bought ridiculous things that they had no use for or things they could have made themselves. Now that we are all knee deep in recession, people are beginning to get their creative flair back and maybe even independence.

Shops, pubs, music venues and restaurants are all starting to get edgy and diversify themselves from the competition which we didn’t see during the Celtic Tiger. I for one, LOVE this! Generic is dull, for me anyway.

I’m sure that this topic alone will give me plenty of blogging material but for this blog I have tried my hand at up-cycling! For anyone that is unsure of this term, up-cycling is basically taking an old item of furniture or clothes and restoring it, making it look all shiny and new, or in my case, vintage and unique!

Before I show you my handy work, and the skills of my boyfriend, I wanna mention my favourite alternative furniture designer, Beetree ;

Beetree has some seriously AMAZING pieces that she created! Seriously, you 100% have to check out her Facebook page. Eventually, someday, when I don’t live with my parents (hehe) I will fill my house with her creations. CHECK HER OUT!!

So anyway, for my up-cycling project, I stole an old bedside locker that my sister up-cycled to pink some years ago (she painted a timber locker pink). I am not a pink girl at all, at all so, I began by sanding it down and then I painted it turquoise, one of my favourite colours.

Image  Image

It needed two coats of paint in total,when that was done, I replaced the boring handle with this amazing one that I got in Peacock and Ruby in Cork and thensanded off the corners and edges to give it a vintage feel.

Image Image

Then it was ready for the swallow design that Thomas and I decided on, Thomas is a carpenter by trade but also builds guitars in his spare time so he has an amazing talent for things like this. He created the image on Photoshop firstly, traced the design and then used a tool called a dremel 4000 to engrave it.

Image  Image

Here is a picture of the finished product. I hope you like it.


I hope I have inspired you all to get creative x

McGoo xx


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