Keep it local !!


So, I mentioned in my first blog that I live in a small town, well, it’s really a twin town. Ballina/Killaloe is separated by the river Shannon. Ballina is on the Tipperary side and Killaloe is on the Clare side.

For a small place it sure does have some really good shops, well quite a lot actually and loads of lovely restaurants and cafe’s, that serve healthy, homemade delicious food. I am however, going to focus solely on the shops for this blog. Here are my favourite picks;

Lets start off in Killaloe with Brown Paper in the Convent hill Shopping Centre.

Brown Paper stocks a host of goodies, from handmade soaps (Henry’s handmade soaps made in Clare) and witty signage to handmade woollen clothes. The staff are inviting, passionate and friendly.

I love this shop, last summer I bought a turquoise garden table set here, I cannot wait to take it out of the garage again and team it with some red, polka dot cushions. I took loads of snaps here but do check out their Facebook page to see all their lovely stock.


Alchemy is somewhat holistic, the minute you walk into the shop, you can feel the relaxed vibe, here is what they have to say about themselves;

“We have some great furniture, loads of gift ideas, books to feed your soul, remedies to restore your health and well being, enchanting crystals and some tried and tested tips, not forgetting some wonderful goodies for little people, comfy creative clothes, warm woolens and of course ANGELS”

Birdhill Baby, this is one that I love! (and no, im not being biased because my address is Birdhill)

“Designer Mini bags, clothing & accessories for colourful young people. We also custom make and personalize all items created @ Birdhill Baby” “Each mini outfit & accessory is created with passion & love. All are unique and no one is the same.”

You have to check out the pictures on their Facebook page, there are some great baby grows and t-shirts, this lady also attends the Killaloe farmers market on a Sunday. She posts internationally too!

I wanted to start off reviewing my local area in order to promote my local businesses, I would suggest that wherever you are in the world, have a look around your town, go into that shop that you have been meaning to go into for ages now. Ballina/Killaloe’s slogan is ‘love local’, I urge you to do the same. As well as that, in my experience, the small once off shops are the ones you find the best things in. Until next time, (a blog that I’m suuuper excited about)

Happy shopping!



4 thoughts on “Keep it local !!

  1. Love brown paper!! Got some really nice gifts for friends that are moving into their new homes, engagement presents etc… Love their little bits that u feel you wouldn’t see anywhere else!! I totally agree about birdhill baby too!! The clothes are too cute and really well made. The clothes would defo be grown out of before worn out!! That’s a good complaint all round!! Loving the blogs B!! Please so one on some local restaurants soon!! Mairead x

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