Answering the Question: What is Nu Goth?


Ever since I became an alternative fashion enthusiast I have never really come across an article that offers a more or less extensive description of the nu goth subculture. In spite of the fact that the internet is replete with images of nu goth models and outfits, all the blog entries I have read so far were either incomplete in their accounts, or offered what to me at the point of reading seemed erroneous information. Therefore, what I am trying to do here is neither give the Encyclopedia to Nu Goth,  nor do I profess to be the one authority who decides what nu goth is and what it is not. Still, I do think that there are some salient traits of nu goth that can be summarized in an entry.

1. Who? When? What?

Unlike other youth fashion styles, nu goth fashion didn’t emerge from any music subgenre but…

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