Does it exist……………. alternative fashion in Ireland!

Ok Guys, so here it goes, my first EVER blog!

This one will really describe what my plans and aims are for the blog.

So, to introduce myself, I just turned 25 (freak out), I still haven’t found my place in the world, which doesn’t bother me!

I have a degree in Management & Leadership and am currently the area manager of an Irish owned chain of children’s shoe shops called ‘Little piggy’s.’

When I finished school I studied Music Management and sound, I am a singer and currently sing with a covers band called Disturbance in the neighbourhood, you can find us here ;

I am from a small town right on the Tipperary/Clare/Limerick border and so I was always some what different than my friends, fashion wise, personality wise and I would even say confidence wise, I was however, always happy being me and so I always did my own thing, despite some ridicule from school mates.

When I went to third level education in Cork city , I really found myself and began to fit in and find like minded people, It was great, Cork is an amazing city, full of little gem’s of shops.

I have lived in France for a brief time, working there on summer holidays , the French people, as a nation have great fashion sense but there is a huge alternative scene there, an almost new age hippy style going on.

For the final year of my degree, I chose to study in Swansea, Wales, I have to say, the UK have great stores for alternative clothing and accessories and this brief encounter, along with my time in France made me think….. why does Ireland lack so much in the alternative fashion department?
Is this a market that doesn’t exist? Or a niche market!

I will be travelling the country to suss this out and review small alternative shops in Ireland while also looking at the wider picture, the internet! (seeing as most of my wacky, weird and wonderful clothes are found on ebay)

I also aim to find, vegan, cruelty free cosmetics and alternative hairdressers for you guys, alternative party planners, furniture designers, restaurants, BASICALLY anything out of the norm!!

So, if you like the cut of my gib then follow me and share me with others you think will enjoy the blog, if you are an alternative business, please, do get in touch.

Brenners Mc Goo



15 thoughts on “Does it exist……………. alternative fashion in Ireland!

  1. Love the first blog!! Not into some of the alternative stuff myself but I love the outfits you wear and how you put clothes together. The things you find are always interesting be it clothes, furniture or just little bits and bobs. I love your quirky style and I think your interests are amazing so I cannot wait to hear more!! I’ll defo be checking in a lot so keep posting !!!

  2. Well done Brenda, hope your journey brings you to many interesting & unique destinations. Looking forward to seeing what you uncover when you start unsettling the dust! Best wishes!!! ❤

  3. Hi Brenda
    A thought-provoking blog and I’ll be very interested to read more. I think it depends partly on age, culture and your point of view. In France you see older people out on the streets and older (40, 50 and 60+) women not afraid to wear something a bit fashionable or even sexy! Here in the UK I think there are fewer older people who go out in general, especially at night which is a shame! I think a few of them would be interested in alternative clothes and scenes as some of them are freer from inhibitions than their younger counterparts but the scare-mongering stories about crime in the media and on TV and ageism make them too fearful to go out! Anyway, it would be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks.

    • Interesting angle alright Matt. Thanks for reading. The next blog will be about the wonderful Ballina and loving local and urging everyone to love their own local amenities 😉

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